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1Accessories (rotary evaporator, lab)
2Accumulator, battery
3Acid proof apron
4Acid proof overall
5Acyclic acids with three and more carboxy groups and their anhy
6Adapter (lab.)
7adhesive and sealant
8Adhesive labels (multiple, paper)
9Agitator (lab.)
10agitator blade and shaft (laboratory, parts)
11Agitator head
12air conditioner (control cabinet air conditioning)
13Alkali, earth alkali and ammonium phenol (lab)
14All-gas burner (lab.)
15Allihn condensor (lab)
16Aluminium cap (flared-, lab)
17Aluminium dish (lab)
18Aluminum and hydride (lab)
19Aluminum beaker (lab)
20Aluminum foil (lab)
21Aluminum hydroxide
22Ampoul, flared cap, septum, syringe(lab)
23ampoule (tool, laboratory)
24Anaerobic system (lab)
25Analysis appl. (other)
26Analysis filt. appl.(lab)
27Analysis funnel (lab)
28Analysis mill (lab.)
29Analysis sieve (lab)
30Analysis techn., appliance
31analytical balance (laboratory)
32Appliance (lab.)
34Araeometer (lab)
35Araeometer, pycnometer (lab)
36Arm turnback
37artificial extension line
38aspirator (laboratory)
39Aspirator bottle (lab)
40Autoclave (acc., lab.)
41Autom. tilter (lab)
42Bacterial strain
43Bag (packing material)
44Bag (plastic, packing material)
45Balance (acc., lab)
46Balance (laboratory)
47Ball grind clamp (surf. grind, lab)
48Ball mil (lab.)
49Ball top attachment (parts,lab.)
50Ball valve
51Banjo bolt
54base (volumetric flask, cylinder, beaker, laboratory)
55Bases (parts, desiccators, lab)
56Bath vessel (temperature control, lab)
57Battery charger
58beaker (flat ground, laboratory)
59Beaker (lab)
60Beaker, glas (lab)
61Beaker, plastic (lab)
62Bearing sleeve (stirrer, mixer, lab.)
63Benzoic acid
66Biochemistry (basic reagents,lab)
67Biochromatography (reagents,lab)
68Biotech. appl. (acc., lab.)
69Biotech. appl. (other, lab.)
70blade stirrer
71blower for laboratory autoclave, benchtop model (accessories, l
72Board (shaking, lab)
73Boiling stick (lab)
74Boiling stone (lab.)
75Bottle (aluminum) up to 1000 ml
76Bottle (glass, packing material)
77Bottle (lab)
78bottle rack (laboratory)
79Bottles - parts (laboratory)
80bow-type handle
81Box (aluminum, packing material)
82Box (cardboard/paperboard, packing material)
83Box (metal, packing material)
84box PC
85Box wrench
86Bucket (lab)
87Büchner funnel (laboratory)
88bulb pipette (laboratory)
89Bunsen burner (lab.)
90burette accesories (laboratory)
91burette drying tube (laboratory)
92burette replacement piston (laboratory)
93burette telescopic suction tube (laboratory)
94burette titration canule (laboratory)
95burette, electric, digital (laboratory)
96burette, manual (laboratory)
97burette, manual, analog (laboratory)
98burette, manual, digital (laboratory)
99burette, trad. design (laboratory)
100cable (halogen-free, <=1KV, copper)