Findenser™ Condenser

Air instead of water
The Findenser™ is a high performance condenser and replaces the need for water-cooled condensers in over 95 % of all common chemistry applications.
The finned aluminium jacket provides excellent heat transfer.

Leading safety standards
No risk of water leaks and flooding from running water: unattended and continuous use.

Superior ease of use
Easy to set up, no tubing required: more space in your laboratory.

Reduced cost of ownership
No water usage: economical and resource-friendly solution.
  • Immediate use.
  • Absolutely flexible: no water connection required.
  • Large cooling surface.
  • No running costs.
  • No difference in performance to conventional reflux condensers.
PUOrder No.Produsentens produktnummer
Findenser™ cooler, NS24 cone, NS24 socket40015447158505-81700-00
Findenser™ cooler, NS29 cone, NS24 socket40015447159505-81710-00
Findenser™ cooler, NS19 cone, NS19 socket40015447160505-81720-00
Findenser Mini cooler, NS24 cone, NS24 socket27515447161505-81800-00
Findenser Mini cooler, NS19 cone, NS19 socket27515447162505-81810-00
Findenser Mini cooler, NS14 cone, NS14 socket27515447163505-81820-00
Findenser attachment kit: 2x boss head, 2x retort clamp, stay bar-1544716411-300-008-23